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The Henderson Symphony Orchestra is proud to feature our first "Artist-in-residence." In the past years, the Henderson Symphony has collaborated with various local artists and and art forms, from dance to culinary. It has been always a dream to collaborate with a local visual artists and this year we finally joined forces  with Lee Letourneau, one of the most exciting young artists of his generation. Lee designed the concept and visuals of our 22/23 Season called "Heroes,"as well as our 23/24 Season called "Imagine."

Lee Headshot.jpeg


Lee Letourneau is a multimedia visual artist born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Primarily a painter by trade, Lee studies the art of illustration in the contemporary art world, as well as the subversion of expectation in visual media. 

Lee graduated Spring of 2023 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, with a concentration in painting as well as a minor in Art History.

Lee has been featured in multiple exhibitions and publications, being awarded best in show in “Emotional Weather”, an exhibition at the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center. Although young in his career, Lee has been drawing since the time he could pick up a pencil, and is helping bring a fresh outlook to the contemporary art scene.


Cut Cords
by Lee Letourneau

by Lee Letourneau


by Lee Letourneau

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