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2024 Winners

Senior Division

1st Place

Kevin Perez







Kevin is currently a Sophomore at the prestigious Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, a 12-time Grammy award-winning school, where he has had the privilege of performing with their Symphony Orchestra. Despite having picked up the cello only two years ago, Kevin's dedication and passion for music have allowed him to achieve remarkable success. His unwavering discipline and hard work have earned him a spot in the coveted CCSD's Honor Orchestra and consistently straight superiors ratings at NMEA's Solo Ensemble. Even with his demanding musical commitments, Kevin has managed to maintain a 3.5 GPA, demonstrating his commitment to academic excellence. After graduation, Kevin aspires to pursue a career as a professional musician.

2nd Place

Axel Kelley










Axel, a 15-year-old student at The Keys Conservatory at Pinecrest Sloan Canyon is a passionate musician who discovered the love for music at a young age. Ever since he picked up the alto saxophone in 5th grade, he has been captivated by its enchanting melodies. Music quickly became an outlet for Axel to express his emotions and connect with others. Throughout his musical journey, Axel's dedication to the saxophone has been unwavering. When he transitioned to high school, he embraced a new challenge by learning to play the soprano saxophone. This expansion of his musical repertoire has allowed Axel to explore different tones and express himself in unique ways. For Axel, music has become more than just a hobby; it's a way of life. It has not only provided him with a means of creative expression but also opened doors to a vibrant community of fellow young musicians. Through collaborations and performances, Axel continues to meet new talented individuals who share his love for music. With his passion for the saxophone and his commitment to self-expression, Axel's musical journey is only beginning. As he continues to grow as a musician, he eagerly looks forward to exploring new genres, honing his skills, and leaving his mark on the world through the power of music.

3rd Place

Elizabeth Alsenz










Elizabeth Alsenz started playing flute when she was nine and is now a junior at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts studying flute under Julie Ivy. Elizabeth is in the V3 Wind Ensemble and the O4 Philharmonic at her high school. She also plays in her school’s flute choir. In 2022 Elizabeth was the principal flutist for the Nevada All-State Band, and principal in the 2023 CCSD Wind Symphony Honor Band. In addition to participating in CCSD honor band, and Nevada All-State, she is a member of the Las Vegas Youth Orchestras. Elizabeth also attended Interlochen Arts Camp 2023, and studied under many conductors including Professor Steven D. Davis and Jung-Ho Pak. In her free time, she loves to crochet, read, and does gymnastics. 




Junior Division


1st Place

Niran Hunter








Niran Hunter is a sixth grade Honor Roll student at Thurman White Academy of the Performing Arts. He has been taking formal piano lessons for a total of three years as a student of Dr. Alexandria Le. He is a three-time first-prize winner of the Nevada Music Teacher's Association Silver State Competition for solo piano and piano concerto divisions. His favorite type of music to listen to is classical music and his favorite composer is George Gershwin. He attended the 2023 Palmetto International Piano Festival under a scholarship and will be returning in 2024. He enjoys playing computer games, chess, and helping cook dinner in his free time. His dream is to one day conduct an Orchestra of his own. 

2nd Place

Paxton Garcia













Paxton Garcia is an 8th grader at Pinecrest Academy Sloan Canyon and currently studies under Damaris Morales through Nevada School Of The Arts. He moved from Texas in 2021. Paxton has won Super with honors 6 years in a row at Junior Festival. Is a 3 time winner of the Silver state competition. And accompanies the school band, orchestra, and choir. 


3rd Place

Gavin Gonzalez
French Horn











Gavin Gonzalez is 12 years old and in 7th grade. He started playing the French horn in 5th grade. When he's not playing his instrument, Gavin enjoys hockey, video gaming with his friends, and being big brother to his younger sister. Gavin just completed All-State 2024 first chair French horn in Reno and is currently in a brass quintet, honor winds, and honor band at Pinecrest Sloan Canyon. 

Music Director
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